This agreement is for our Web Hosting and Domain Services

"WNT-Club" is a company that is based on high-quality business established this document to be sent to each member of the quality of operations and responsibilities.
"WNT-Club" is obliged to complete this document to explain that applies only to operations in the WNT-Club.
Since you have the opportunity to become familiar with the "WNT-Club"  in various ways (internet, presentations, ads ...) when you decide to become a member of the "WNT-Club", you'll need on a referral site check the box rules - Terms and Conditions. You’ll automatically agree with this document that protects your rights within the "WNT-Club".
Automatic checking "Terms and Conditions of business," you are able to further the procedure to become a member of our club.
As first and essential items you need to know is what it all
"WNT-Club offers its members:

"WNT-Club gives all its members:



Hosting :           Disk Space :  100 – 3000 MB
Bandwidth:    10 000 MB
Addon Domains:  999
Subdomains:        999
Parked Domains:  999
SQL Database:     999
FTP Accounts:     999
Email Accounts:   999
Auto-Responders:  unlimited
Fantastico –Jomla ; php i smf forum ; 4 Images gallery ; Tempalet exspress ; Web calendar ; e - Comerc ; Media support ; Blogs; Site builders ; A-V-Media support; Mailing lists; Polls… itd)

    1. Domain :

Domain with the extension "BIZ” and talk about your businesses. In the event that a member wishes to be replaced by his extension could always ask to do this course in accordance with the Bid Package II Package, by the official mail "WNT-Club" and  send a request to replace the extension, where it will be within 24 hours replaced by an extension of the one in which to wish. Course, for the award of a domain you can always online on site of “WNT-Club" and check whether the domain you want is free.

  1. Various TUTORIALS who can help you to learn a variety of programs. These tutorials are text types and can help you how to create a website, or let's say in programming.
    All of these data and all of these tutorials that "WNT-Club gives its members are online
    on site of "WNT-Club" ,and there you can download them.  Certainly as a member and as a member can download these programs and take advantage of it. All of these programs and tutorials when you become a member of the lice but also give you free and others. You are not required to have to use the produce for yourself. You decide what you all do with your products.
  2. Various TEMPLATES which can be used for your site and thus improve the prospects
    and background sites. Of course, these templates you receive as members of the club.


  1. E-BOOKS to the procedure after the inclusion also provided by the "WNT-Club".

WARNING: It is strictly forbidden violent advertising or SPAM. "WNT-Club" is a serious business and deserves a serious advertising.
SPAM will be severely sanctioned by the "WNT-Club”. Measures that will bring
"WNT-Club" if it is determined that some members of SPAMING will be very rigorous.With this confirmation, all members agree to be personally responsible for sending e-mails as spam and that "WNT-Club" cannot or will bear no responsibility on behalf of it.

  1. And all those products that are on the site of "WNT-Club" - , and that you have the right on all prodacts, as a member of the club.

       The "WNT-Club", there are 2 types of services:
"WNT-Club gives all its members in addition to variety and quality products and services to
help in which members will be in the right way to use to their advantage and gain certain
knowledge that they will assist in further operations.

         The "WNT-Club" there is 2 types of services:


In these services, all members of the club have the opportunity to learn to live lecture how to create such sites, how to create mail and how it enters the C-panel, as form
domain, etc...

 Of course this service members can use when it is defined on the site "WNT-Club"
and on schedule by the "WNT-Club" .This trainings is done in conference room to the address given on the site, "WNT-Club": . This training is your opportunity to gain additional knowledge that will help you in your future operations. Other lectures that are
related to this training are posted on the site of "WNT-Club".


This second type of service is to educate members as well as the way to do business on the Internet and outside it. Within these service members acquire knowledge-based management, leadership and marketing approach to business. The lectures
and tutorials are in addition to live lectures given on the site in the “WNT-Club “
in the form of tutorials. All data on these services are provided on the website
of "WNT-Club" and as well as dates when held and in what way.
 So far explaining products and services that you see all the opportunities you have
 by doing that you have all the chances that your business be better. Your services in "WNT-Club" the exclusive only for club  members.


Another possibility that members realize the system is "Sales Program" in which each member have the opportunity to sell products and services whit commission to make money and thus gain the time freedom and financial independence.
As a rule system which is provided on websites and in live presentations and on site "WNT-Club", each member of the WNT-Club "and has the ability to earn money participating in our club.
Each member has a system ID number that is actually a field in the system by its property. With this system field, each member of the field is in the system. If member wants to earn money by selling goods and services have one condition, that is to have two direct associates, i.e. it has two sales in the system, i.e., 2 direct members who are involved in every package in the system through it and through referral link address: YOUR ID NUMBER .Two direct members you through the packets and circuits always have to be an end of qualified and gained a right to salary and commissions. The only package offered is a four - diamond set in it is necessary to have a direct. Means when you turn on the new member into the system, "WNT-Club" and selling products and services, do it through the referral link - referral site, at the following address: ID/USER NAME where is your
system number or user name you typed on the date of registrations. Such a system can include the new members through the sale Program. This address with your number or username in the end though as the link for the inclusion of new and your referral site that is "WNT-Club" built for each member of the club. Each member has a referral site.

It is still one of the things that members get the "WNT-Club"-a.
When you become a member of the club you therefore with your business field, participate in the system and you earn money through the sale of-sale register Program.When 2 new members through you, (that is, when you sell 2 packages) that became members of the club of the moment you acquire the right to earn an opportunity at the club via our sales system - the "Marketing Program." The two members you need to have in all packages except the diamond, and the detention of each round in each of the packages.
Since you are a member of the WNT-Club "and you have with your" User Name "and your" Password ", the entrance to your genealogy, i.e. database where you review your situation in the sales program and an active input in the balance, where you can work and act under the rules of balance and the whole system and entering the data in which data are required to follow certain rules to protect the data and the functioning of the balance. Any change of data that a member-seller wants to perform has to be contacted by mail "WNT-Club" with a request to the change your data. All other explanations are given on the website of "WNT-Club" and which are hereby officially recognized and valid.

As members of the club you can see on genealogy your packages and sales programs and all the data you need to work. Also in your database are all the products and services that you can view and download them depending on which package you purchased.

In genealogy, black are marked eligible members and semiskilled Blue Red unskilled members.
All those who are your direct members are marked by underlined line. So you have access to your direct and indirect anyone who is active and inactive member. You will always know and see how much you have direct and therefore to know whether you are qualified to the “WNT-Club "in you to make money.
An important element is that at the end of each business year, the renewal of the year you apply to every player and every package you as much as you may have.

As a rule system, any system ID, i.e., you, a date is included in the WNT-Club. “After 1 year from the business involvement of each member is obligated to rebuild every package that is his property in the amount of 10 euro per pack. If after 1 year of business not to renew packages that you are
the owner of the amount of 10 euro per package then you  "WNT-Club" for next year not gives more hosting and domain package. And your center is no more qualified, and you actually need to re-have now been two direct and continue to be eligible for payments in the system. If you pay 10 euro for every package that you have then renew your membership in the club and so continue participation in the “WNT-Club “in as a member of all products and services.
"WNT-Club" will be on the site of the club as well as the balance in order to facilitate the procedures of members or potential members of forgetting, use balance and all members of the beginning of a New Year automatic renewal of a year. In this way members will, when they wish to restore power to one year immediately to do it. You don’t be able to perform any process within your center while the first will not renew year. You may to include new members, but nothing you will not be able to perform cash-based tools while not regulated by the renewal of year. On these way members will thus have opportunity to re-launch its operations center and continue whenever you want.