-What is WNT CLUB?
ANSWER: WNT CLUB is a Business programme offering you the products and services and knowledge, training, support and information relative to PC and Internet programmes, as well as the possibility for unlimited earnings.

-How can I become a member of WNT Club?
ANSWER: You will become an active member by purchasing one of four Business packages on offer,
Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond package.

-How can I purchase WNT Club Business products?
ANSWER: You can purchase products by several payment processors:
bank cards, Internal Balance, Wire bank transfer-the overall transfer to the bank account WNT Club. Hosting, Domain and ID center should be renewed once a year.
Business Package, Hosting and Domain is renewed every 365 days.

-Is there any possibility to step out from WNT Club and to refund the invested money?
ANSWER: You can send to WNT-CLUB, in any moment and for any personal reasons send the request for excluding from the further operating, but you do not have the possibility to refund or reimburse the invested money. Refunds can be achieved within 15 days from the date of purchase made, and only if in that period do not get delivered products and services you requested, with all the characteristics that are specified in the hosting and domain. WNT Club is not responsible for damage or compensation in the event that the WNTC products and web site have not achieved the desired profit in your business.